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Jonathan Ivey is a Christian Songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. With mixing his diverse styles of easy-listening, pop, soul, and inspirational music; he works to fulfill his ultimate purpose of entertaining, edifying, and inspiring his listeners. All so that they are encouraged to persevere through the walk of life, establish a close relationship with God, and  work together to make the world a better place.
There Is Hope
Jonathan Ivey (College Life)


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There is Hope 


"Fresh eyes"- Jonathan Ivey Cover


Proud to be an American


Its just another New Year's Eve-Cover




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After a successful release of his first album "Three on the 5th" Jonathan Ivey has released his second all original album "College Life". This album contains the everyday experiences of going through college as well as Christian, inspirational, pop, jazz, and easy listening music for the everyday individual to aid in their walk through life. Mixing his multi-instrumental experience and his diverse styles of writing together; Ivey has created once again another unique and thrilling musical experience that you are guaranteed to relate with!



Catch The Stars

By Jonathan Ivey

Catch The Stars

"Possibly one of the most relatable songs I've ever written concerning love..Or a crush..Or both. We've all been there; fallen for someone who may or may not even know you exist. And once they find out; they may or may not even care. In your heart, you know you could catch the stars together" - Jonathan Ivey